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Printing and Promotions on Cinch1

Subscription tube products will be available in Nov 2008.
Printable - add product or retailer names, plu/sku numbers, promotional messages, logos
Think promotional links scheme.
Promo tube squeezer example page/pricing
, and
Add your logo example page,-Plastic,-2-1-4--x-3-1-4--x-2-1-4--52121.html

Promotion Gift needed ?!

We ( offer customized drinks in customized tubes.
  • You are looking for
    • a unique give-away that your customers have never seen before.
    • a promotion article with your corporate design.
    • the perfect idea for event marketing.
  • You want
    • to generate attention for a new product.
    • it to be that you are not the only one to remember your participation in a trade fair or exhibition.
    • to organize an unforgettable event.
    • a giveaway that is strikingly different from those myriads of indistinguishable pens and lighters.
GO and get your Promotion Tube.
Product producers VP: New opportunity to offer 32+ billion customers - promotional urls, i.e. w/ new narrow goods printer, the promo Cinch1 url leads to custom printing (promotional) site!!!!!!!
Retailers/Reseller/Promotion VP: New opportunity to offer 32+ billion customers

Cinch1™(tube) 11 Markets (pot promo/premium/end users): Do you need a Cinch1? Search my keywords list page and see. see list 10 industries that use tube packaging I added art as an obvious 11th ergo 11 tube markets - Art; Automotive; Construction; Cosmetic; Dentifrice; Food; Household; Industrial; Medical; Pharmaceutical and Skin Care. Art [/Craft ? 060110T1415] [not on list?] Automotive Construction Cosmetic such as face and body moisturizers, specialty eye and lip treatments, and blushes and shadows Dentifrice toothpaste cos toothbrush cos pkg in brush box?maybe? Food see food in tube 041026.cwk and Skippy Squeez'it.cwk Coghlan's Squeeze Tubes.cwk Yogurt in tube(1 shot string cheese like pkg) ad as a stub! Mustard in a tube Booze = Vodka in a 190 ml (6.4 oz) tube! see "Why tubes?" good points Mayonnaise in a tube cake icing and decorating Food in tube Australia The Impact group has been working hard with numerous food manufacturers to promote the use of tubes within the food industry. Examples of food products that are currently available in tubes within Australia include: Tomato Paste, Herbs and Spices, Peanut Butter and Vegemite. Following the packaging trends in Europe and America, more and more products will find their way into squeeze tubes. Examples of these products include: mayonaise, honey, pate, chocolate sauce and hazelnut spreads.
Many products become more "user friendly" when packaged in a tube. Some of the benefits of using a tube for your packaging needs include:
Consumers like squeeze tubes
Contents may be visible
Long shelf life
Can be collapsible, minimizing headspace. Food stays fresh longer once opened
Tamper evidence possible
No glass fragments
Scannable by metal detectors
Protect contents against 02, H20 and odors
Can be heated in a microwave oven
Can be frozen
Will not shatter if dropped
Lightweight, very portable
Moisture proof
Special nozzle and orifice shapes possible
Eye catching decorative effects
Easy to use
Re-closable screw top or flip-top lid
Can be hot filled
Partly empty tube can be stored in a refrigerator
Small orifice limits contamination after opening
All over trapped print possible
Environmentally responsible
Safe for children to handle
Tube filling equipment readily available
Please contact Impact's Marketing Manager,  Mr. Robert Saunders on (02) 8787 9933 or for more information Household for compounds, adhesives, lubricants, dyes and paints. Red Devil has EZ Squeeze Sales & Marketing; Red Devil, Inc.; Boulder Towers Suite 750; 1437 S. Boulder; Tulsa, OK 74361; 918-585-8111; 918-585-8120(F) Customer Services & Manufacturing; 4175 Webb Street; Pryor, OK 74361; 800-4A-DEVIL (1-800-423-3845); 918-825-5744; 918-825-5761(F) Dap DAP Corporate Address :DAP Products Inc.; 2400 Boston Street; Suite 200; Baltimore, MD 21224; 410- 675-2100; 800-543-3840; 410-534-2650(F);If you need immediate assistance, please call the DAP TIPS Help Line at 1-888-327-8477 M-F, 9:00AM to 7:00PM EST. The DAP TIPS Help Line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. Industrial for compounds, adhesives, lubricants, dyes and paints. Medical Pharmaceutical prescription and over-the-counter drug products in cream and ointment form creams, gels, ointments, personal lubricants, and other semi-solids Skin Care. [ or Personal care] body lotions, sun and hair care, and topical creams and ointments.
"Wrap'er Up Tube Squeezer" --promotional items'er+Up%E2%84%A2+Tube+Squeezer&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
>>>>>PROBLEM: tubes get rolled/folded up as product is dispensed and this obscures product name. >>>>>>>SOLUTION: print your products/company's/retailers name or URL, on the "fold holder" or "fold hold" i.e. Cinch1™ Printable - add product or retailer names, plu/sku numbers, promotional messages, logos
>>>>>QuickPinch verbiage "…promotional marketing opportunities. … Those interested in private investment opportunities should contact us at: [requested via email051231S1510]" from <<<< $7.49 QuickPinch 12-Pack 6-4", 4-5", 1-6", 1-7" [total 24+20+6+7 = 57" for $7.49 $4.73/yrd about 79¢/6"C"1]
C"1 1st years Goal: Sell 6 million printed Cinch1s. Colgate if your listening you can help here, don't you sell 3 billion (40%) tubes of toothpaste (tot) a year without Cinch1s in the box? <<<< 0.2% test market! >>> I'll print your C"1 promo page
Do ADA promotion investigation, i.e. supply dentist ADA or otherwise with promotional C"1s see Wrap'er Up search (promotional) and collect these notes
C"1 metal hook (Nothing like it anywhere as of 060423 (not metal or plastic hook) ) Do NDA with Adams befor sending concept wire diagram C"1-502SCH.cwk Do promo package C"1 & C"1 SCH together William(Bill) Adams Jr Adams Mfg Suction cup Inquiry to Adams Mfg. Corp..cwk need custom hooks email about Having Cinch1 hook made exclusively for Cinch1, L.L.C. and ask about getting NDA before sending drwgs see concept wire diagram C"1-502SCH.cwk Wire gauge - A method of defining wire diameter by a number, which stated originally the number of passes made through different, increasingly smaller dies. The number of for large wire is therefore smaller than for thin wire. AWG - Abbreviation for "American wire gauge". A gauge that assigns a number value to the diameter of a wire.

Cinch1 Child Safety Tip #2: Be Prepared - Know the Poison Center’s emergency number (1-800-222-1222). It is an easy number to remember if you have seen it. One easy way to see it everyday is by keeping it on your toothpaste tube, with a "Poison Help" Cinch1. Many have not and trying to remember it in an emergency can be difficult. Put the Poison Center’s emergency number stickers or magnets on or near the cord phone in every home where your child spends time. Some people have dropped the cord phone at home altogether and just use cell phones. Cell phones should have the poison control number programmed in but may not. Another common location for this vital number could be on the toothpaste tube. Everyone knows where the toothpaste is and probably has a cell phone of their own In the case where the home has no cord phone (i.e. some people only have cell phones) the Poison Center’s emergency number stickers or magnets need to be in a common area like on the refrigerator in the kitchen or on the toothpaste in the bathroom only has cell phones, the emergency number may or may not be programmed in already. Also since many people use cell phones as their primary phone an alternative plan to protect your child or pet is make sure every home has a the "Poison Help" Cinch1 on every tube The following illustrate how you can do to protect children and pets from poisoning by keeping Cinch1 on toothpaste and other tubes in
Cinch1™  Anytime 7/24, Anywhere in USA, Poison Emergency Phone Number Version, with your company web address printed on it.
Cinch1™  Anytime 7/24, Anywhere in USA, Poison Emergency Phone Number Version, with your company web address printed on it. Anytime 7/24, Anywhere in USA, Poison Emergency Phone Number Version, with your company web address printed on it. Anytime 7/24, Anywhere in Sweden, Poison Emergency Phone Number Version, with an interesting web address printed on it.
Test ours
All questions about poisons are smart questions.
Ask FIRST to prevent a poisoning.
Poison Center Help is Free, Expert and Confidential.


Protect your kids, hang toothpaste tubes high on mirror and out of reach of children under 6 years of age, as per the "Warnings" on the toothpaste box.
People always know where the toothpaste is and the PC#.
Start somewhere - keep toothpaste and other potentially harmful products packaged in tubes, out of reach of children, buy SKU 550 (2 Cinch1 suction cup hangers and 2 Cinch1s).
Child Safety Tip: Hang toothpaste high on mirror per the box "Warnings".
Many Poison Hazards in the Home come in tubes.   There are many items and products found around the home that may be poisonous. Think about every room in your house, including the garage. What items or products do you think would be poisonous? What happens if someone eats it or spills it on their skin? If this happens, call the poison center right away at 1-800-222-1222 for first aid help.  Always store household and garden products out of reach of children and in their original container.