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About This Company
Cinch1, L.L.C. is a design company located in Park City, Utah, USA (History). Founded Sept. 1, 2005, by William W. Truxes III. We will make many small differences daily to reduce human difficulty and resource waste. We will save you time, space, and money, on products packaged in a collapsible squeeze tube. We help tubes help.

Our Logo - C"1™ (the double prime mark " pronounced inch)

Our Job (What you hire a Cinch1 to do.) - Keep Tubes Full and Eyes On.

Our Tag line - Keeps Tubes Full.

Our Business Model - Legal Monopoly via Pat. 7,971,752 to block market entry.

Our Market - Tube packaged product users across 11 industries: Art, Automotive, Construction, Cosmetic, Dentifrice, Food, Household, Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Skin Care. These industries put their products on the inside of the tube, we put our product on the outside. See SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats analysis diagram).

Our Installed Base - 32+ Billion squeeze tubes/year.

Our Value Proposition - For the billions of squeeze tube users, who are forced to waste time fiddling with resilient tubes that do not stay folded and full, waste space with countertops and drawers full of unsightly unfolded partially used tubes, and waste money with dried up, prematurely unusable product, the Cinch1 is a tube squeezer that simply, easily, inexpensively keeps tubes folded, full, and ready to use/reuse, saving time, space and money. Unlike the alternatives of either using tube squeezers with rigid components or using nothing, our product without rigid components, is the most cost effective, compact, thinnest, and lightest of all tube squeezers, providing ease of use/reuse, complete discharge, new safer storage options, great convenience for squeeze tube product users and great opportunities for squeeze tube product packagers to make their customers life easier, by including it in with their product. We can protect kids and pets.
Our Primary Competitive Alternatives
Using Initial Cost Long Term Cost Comment
tube squeezers with rigid components $1.50
Clutter - most do not fold tubes, all are bulky.
Waste - difficult to use, incomplete discharge.
Easily lost or misplaced.
Keys, rollers, sliders, holders, clips, etc.
Most Expensive!
Unsafe for children!
nothing $0.00 Unsafe, endless fiddling,
clutter and waste.
Most prevalent.
Least Expensive
Cinch1 $1.00 None of the Above Best Value,
safest, unbreakable!