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I use Cinch1 tube squeezers
with my web address printed on each one
for "useful" business cards.

I carry 10 Cinch1 tube squeezers in a pen size pocket package!
These 10 Cinch1 tube packages are available when you order custom printing in quantities.

How do you differentiate your business cards
so recipients will keep and use them daily?


Make them unique and useful.

  • Uniqueness increases likelihood a recipient will keep your card, separate from crowd.
  • Uniqueness of "less" information, makes you "more" memorable.
  • Uniqueness doesn't last forever, that is why it must also be useful.
  • Usefulness on the recipients toothpaste squeeze tube, puts this card in view daily.
  • Usefulness on all tubes, puts an emergency phone number in view daily.
  • Usefulness and a large easy to read web address in view daily, encourages site visits.
  • Easy to carry a tube in pocket or purse, like a pen, loose in your wallet, day planner or check-book, rolled in your pocket, or wrapped on finger or wrist.
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