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Cinch1 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a Cinch1™?
A: The solution to a problem "we" all share: keeping squeeze tubes folded.

Q: Who are "we" ?
A: "We" are the users* of 32+ Billion** squeeze tubes/year, globally, across 11 industries. *Both product packagers and product users. **see page 6 of 14.

Q: How does the Cinch1™ solve this problem?
A: It secures the collapsed and folded portion of a tube to the full portion of the tube, keeping the squeeze tube folded and full, to prevent atmospheric contamination or drying of the product during its lifetime use.

Q: Why keep squeeze tubes folded and full?

Q: How does keeping squeeze tubes folded and full SAVE TIME?
A: A folded partially used full tube is ready to use, like a new full tube. Just remove the cap and squeeze! Note: 32 Billion seconds = 1,015 years!

Q: How does keeping squeeze tubes folded and full SAVE SPACE?
A: Folding to keep the tube "at all times full", reduces its size and maintains its balance so that it may stand upright without special pedestal caps or hang from its fold, on pegs, wire bath or kitchen accessories and suction cups in areas otherwise unavailable. i.e. mirrors, windows, tile, on appliances, inside a refrigerator on the walls. As the thinnest, lightest, smallest of tube squeezers, many spares store on a tube, harder to lose or misplace.

Q: How does keeping squeeze tubes folded and full SAVE MONEY?
A: The unbreakable reusable Cinch1 reduces waste of time, space and product. Eyes on a folded and full tube using a Poison Help Cinch1 can save lives and health care cost!

Q: What does "at all times full" mean? (BACK)
A: When a squeeze tube is permanently collapsed its volume is reduced as product is dispensed to be, ideally, equal to the volume of the remaining product, i.e. the tube is kept "at all times full". These were John Goffe Rand (1801-1873), the squeeze tube inventors, very words in sentence 2 of paragraph 2 of page 2 of his September 11, 1841, US Patent No. 2,252. Interestingly, he also taught in this patent how to roll up or fold a tube from the bottom - see the whole three page patent here, p1, p2, and p3.

Q: Is it good for a tube to be "at all times full" ?
A: Yes, a full tube is neater, more compact and easier to use, store, carry or ship. Holding and dispensing from an always full tube with your thumb opposing your fingers (pinching) is convenient, comfortable and senior friendly. On the final fold your thumb pushes the last of the product in the tubes collar into the base of the tubes neck. Only product in the neck remains and you have completely dispensed the product!