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The Cinch1™ Tube Squeezers 11 12 Industries page is Under Construction as you seek.

11 Industries
Package Products in
Collapsible Squeeze Tubes!*
32+ Billion tubes globally /year 2004

A Cinch1™ ON each will save tube users in each industry,
Time, Space, and Money!
* Possible 11 retail facings (¶4) per store.
ArtAutomotiveConstructionCosmeticDentifriceFoodHouseholdIndustrialMedicalPharmaceuticalSkin Care
Art - For 51 years (1841-1892) the only uses for tubes were in art - adhesives, cleaners, dye, epoxy, fixative, gesso, glaze, glue, ink, lubricant, paint, paint thinner, primer, resin, sealant, stain, varnish, wood filler, … e-me
Automotive - adhesives, cleaners, lubricants, paints, polishes, sealants, waxes, … e-me
Construction - Adhesives, caulk, cleaners, glue, epoxy, fillers, fixative, lubricant, paints, paint thinner, primer, putty, soap, sealant, silicon, stain, varnish, wood filler ...… e-me
Cosmetic - blemish cream, cold cream, hair cream, hand creams, herbal preparations, lotions, shampoo, sauna cream, shaving cream, skin leaner, soap, washing cream, … e-me
Dentifrice - Toothpaste in tubes since 1892. Globally, 9.6 billion tubes/year (30% of all tubes produced/year) are used by this industry. Developing countries consume yearly only 2 tubes of toothpaste per capita as compared to 8 for developed countries. sourcee-me
Food - Since the 1920s, tube packaged food has been popular in Europe (food is 50% of tube packged products in Europe versus 1% in USA). Tubes are part of the no-opener, no-utensil packaging trend.(Alcohol, anchovy paste, bacon, black olive paste, bubble gum, butter, cake decorations, cheese spread, chili paste, chocolate sauce, condensed milk, caviar, crab paste, fish paste, garlic paste, German French Fries Sauce, ham, honey, horseradish, jam, jelly, ketchup, liver pate, mayonnaise, mushroom/cheese spread, mustard, onion paste, peanut butter * (PAB), pesto, salad dressing, shrimp paste, soft cheese, tomato paste, spice, Wasabi, … e-me
Household - Health & Safety Information on Household Productse-me
Industrial - … e-me
Medical - … e-me
ON tube, mailable promotional (12th industry) premium - Besides its regular job to "Keep Tubes Full", a custom printed Cinch1 can put your companys name, phone number or web address on any tube and in view of billions, once or twice every day. This high volume and frequency visibility can be used to promote favorable awareness of your product or your cause.
For example health insurance providers interested in cost reduction and improved saftey for their 255 million US members, can help increase awareness of Poison Help1-800-222-1222 (proven to eliminate unnecessary health care expenditure) by easily including one or more of the very thin national Poison Help Cinch1 tube squeezers in the envelope of any mailing.
Pharmaceutical - Analgesics, creams, ointments and gels for eyes, skin, … e-me
Skin Care - … e-me