Cinch1™ tube squeezers on new and used full tubes.

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Many new and partially used full tubes may be stored in a very small space to serve the entire family.

In the back a new full tube is used to store several spare Cinch1s, both on the dual use cap and on its body.

You cannot lose or misplace a spare Cinch1, if you store it wrapped on a new tube or flip-cap.

Cinch1™ tube squeezers on partially used full tubes stand upright a without pedestal cap! (below)

WARNING: standing toothpaste tubes on counter tops or storing them in drawers within reach of children IS unsafe.

Child Safety Tip: Hang toothpaste high and out of reach of children per "Warnings" on the tube and box.


Stands upright on regular fez, reverse taper, mushroom, flip-top and dual use twist or flip caps, because keeping a tube

full as product is dispensed, moves its center of gravity toward the cap, along the axis of the tube and cap.