Cinch1™ tube squeezers on partially used full tubes.

Hanging* is the safest way to store squeeze tubes.

A Cinch1 hangs tubes on anything with a 1/2" protrusion and slip stop.

Cinch1™ tube squeezers on partially used full tubes.

Above left is an almost empty full tube with a spare Cinch1 stored on the dual use cap.

Its last squeeze of toothpaste can be retrieved by placing fingers on the collar of the tube

and pressing the thumb into the back of the collar to the neck.

On complete discharge remove the Cinch1 and reuse or store on another squeeze tube.

* The folds of a partially used full tube using a Cinch1 tube squeezer are strong enough to be

conveniently hung on wire racks in the kitchen and bath room, or

Cinch1™  tube squeezer on a partially used full tube hung on a suction cup on mirror.

hung by suction cups (Buy 503) on clean, dry, smooth non-porous surfaces

like mirrors, tile, windows and the inside or outside of appliances.

Actually, a Cinch1 on either a new or partially used full tube hangs on any 1/2" protrusion with slip stop.

Hang toothpaste tubes high to "Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age." See Help Tubes Help.

Most food squeeze tubes recommend "Keep refrigerated after opening", and yet

most refrigerators do not have any special storage device for tubes.

Suction cups on refrigerator inside walls are a good way to keep your food squeeze tubes organized.