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Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) diagram.

Subject of SWOT analysis:
a proposition to access new end-user sectors not currently being developed for this 32+ Billion/yr(2004) squeeze tube aftermarket product (the Cinch1™).

Strengths(internal factors)

  • Spotted huge market gap with an Installed Base: billions of squeeze tubes (see opportunities).
  • A new, innovative product.
  • Aftermarket lock-in: Patent Pending.
  • Users Save Time, Space, and Money.
  • Cinch1 is simple, unbreakable, highly useful, easily stored and shipped, economical and convenient to use and reuse.
  • No rigid components - ideal for a mailable promotional premium.
  • Superior product performance vs competitors.
  • Direct mail delivery capability.
  • Product innovations ongoing.

Weaknesses(internal factors)

  • Cinch LLC is an organization of one.
  • Limited budget.
  • Cinch LLC needs seed money to file national phase application in states other than US.
  • I may only be able to do the US National application. (US pop 303.8 million customers consume 2.4 billion tubes per yr, where rest of the world could be 6.3 billion customers consuming the other 29.7 billion tubes per yr.)
  • Cinch LLC needs seed money to launch a product awareness campaign (w/ 1-800-222-1222 US national poison help service).
  • Cinch LLC needs seed money to produce enough of my new patent pending printers to satisfy demand.
  • Have only single source of thin Qwik Tie.

Opportunities(external factors)

  • Installed Base is huge: 32+ billion tubes sold/yr in 2004!
  • Tubes used across 11 Industries (11+ facings/store).
  • Could develop new products.
  • Local competitors have poor products.
  • Profit margins will be good.
  • End-users respond to new ideas.
  • Could extend to overseas.
  • New specialist applications.
  • Can surprise competitors.
  • Support core business economies.
  • Could seek better supplier deals.

Threats(external factors)

  • Only did US national phase filing.
  • Not filing foreign patents on Cinch1 and principal competitors are not inhibited by the C"1 patent and Velcro loses possible sales on billions of yards of Qwik Tie tape Cinch1's.
Facings also refer to the amount of shelf space a particular product is given. A lot of facing generally increases sales of a particular product, therefore manufacturers will pay more money to get more facings for their products. This inevitably leads to situations where the largest manufacturers end up with the most amount of facings because they are able to pay the most.