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Introducing the Cinch1
To hold your resilient squeeze tube folded, "full", ready to use and store in new safe ways!
Help Tubes Help.
Users* Save Time, Space, and Money.
Across 12 Industries
Art • Automotive • Construction • Cosmetic • Dentifrice • Food • Household • Industrial • Medical • Pharma • Skin Care • Promo
Installed Base: 32+ billion tubes sold/year
Welcome to the Cinch1, L.L.C. site, where you will learn about the indispensable Cinch1, something you never knew you needed. It "Keeps Tubes Full".

Every year we are sold billions of resilient squeeze tubes, that do not stay folded. Solving this problem has spawned many after market mechanical devices with rigid components (keys, squeezers, rollers, holders, clips, etc.) which are used to collapse and keep resilient tubes collapsed or folded and ready for us to use. Rigid components increase cost and limit the size tube that can be accommodated. The unbreakable Cinch1 has no rigid components and adjusts to any tube size by overlapping onto itself or by trimming or by combining and overlapping two or more Cinch1's. It is easy to use a tube completely. Fold tube, Thread, Wrap and Fasten a Cinch1! After a squeeze tube is completely discharged, reuse the Cinch1 on another tube. It sells, ships and stores either seperately or with a tube.

A Cinch1™ on a partially used full tube, stands upright, without a pedestal cap, and can be conveniently hung on wire racks in the kitchen and bath room or hung on suction cups stuck to mirrors, tile, windows and the inside or outside of appliances. Cinch1 makes good use of small spaces! † Child Safety Tip: Hang toothpaste high on mirror per the box"Warnings". See Help Tubes Help. plan.

Every Cinch1 can carry a decoration or a tag (print, barcode, RFID, etc.) for tube information, identification and tracking of product. Cinch1s may be written on with a ball point pen or machine printed with graphics, company name, phone number, web or email address, special promotional web addresses, bar codes, product codes, serial numbers or emergency phone numbers, useful and unique as personal or business cards and mailable promotional premium. Organizations that do large mailings can provide a valuable service to their community by putting a Poison Help Cinch in every envelope. AARP does 90 million mailings per year . Health insurance companies do multiple mailings to 255 million members yearly.

This minimalist (less IS more), efficient, innovative tube squeezer, is simple, unbreakable, highly useful, easily stored and shipped, economical and convenient to use and reuse. Let Cinch1 know if anything else is available to store and organize squeeze tubes.

* Tube users are those who package products in tubes and those who use these products.
† Tubes may contain toxics - know US AAPCCs Poison Help 1-800-222-1222 .